Men must wear shirts with collars at all times. Shirts must be tucked in pants. Shorts must be Bermuda lengths or a style designed for golf. Golf shoes must be soft spikes to be worn on the course. The following types of clothing are prohibited: denim jeans of all types and designs, short shorts, cutoffs, tennis shorts or running shorts, tennis-length skirts, T-shirts, tank tops, and warm-up suits.

Members must wear appropriate attire in styles specifically designed for tennis at all times. Men must wear shirts with sleeves. No black sole shoes of any kind are permitted on the courts.

Proper workout attire is required. No denim; nor cut off shirts or shorts. Must have on athletic shoes.

Only proper swimming attire is permitted in the pool area. Cutoffs are prohibited. Parents may wear street clothes with rubber-soled shoes when they are present to supervise their children or attend meetings or lessons. Golf shoes are not permitted in the pool area. Wet bathing suits are not permitted outside the pool area. Bathing caps are optional. No golf clubs, golf balls, or tennis equipment is allowed in the fenced pool area.

Dining Room:
Casual attire in good taste is appropriate in the dining room of the clubhouse. Shorts must be of Bermuda length or a style designed for golf. Denim is permitted in the Dining Room.  All of the following types of clothing are prohibited in the dining area: short shorts, cutoffs, tank-tops, swim suits and muscle shirts.

Attire and grooming shall not be such as to generally offend other Members or their guests. Members are responsible for seeing that their guests conform to dress code.