The Membership Committee is comprised of supportive Club Members, representing various organizations and interests in the Country Club community. The purpose of the council is to introduce prospective Members to the Club, offer first-hand insight into the benefits of living in the community, and/or belonging to the Club. The Council Members will make themselves available from time to time to play with prospective Members, host informal get-togethers for the benefit of membership development, and provide feedback to the Club Management regarding member’s needs and interests. Council Members may be asked to serve as Member Sponsors for Membership candidates who do not know other Club Members. Council Members will be asked to complete a profile information sheet which will enable the club management to pair them up with potential buyers, and Members based on interest, background, home state, or playing ability. If you have an interest in applying for the Ambassador Council, or would like to nominate someone, please contact Julie Banda, Membership Director in the Membership Office at 281 342-9940 ext. 13